Monday, 25 May 2009

Road Trip: The Red Roof Inn

Serpent Mound sadly did not blow my mind.

A friend of mine has a story about a Red Roof Inn. She stayed in one that had cowboy print wallpaper and a large (blood?)stain on the mattress. The only other guests were a group of guys having a bachelor party. She survived. I'm hoping to do the same. I'm minus the wallpaper and I haven't checked the bed for any stains. But I am in the last room way at the back. The fridge makes breathing noises.

Before I arrived at this charming spot in West Virginia, I drove across Ohio and did my very best to take in some culture and history by attempting to visit Serpent Mound. Unfortunately I didn't make it to Serpent Mound and this is due entirely to the imperial system of measurement. I did, however, buy some Amish strawberries. I also got to visit Mound City which is nothing like a city. It does have a lot of mounds, though, and I was humbled by the incredible amount of work and organization that went into building the burial mounds as well as by my shocking lack of knowledge about the Hopewell culture.

I drove through a town named Coolville, stopped at a Tim Hortons(!), and paid 35 cents to enter West Virginia. Not yet sure if it's worth it.

They taste even better without electricity.

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