Saturday, 5 September 2009

Project: Do-Over Part 1 - The Re-Do

"If everything is terrible, then noting is."

I watch a lot of movies. Not all of them are worth remembering but still I'm plagued with persistent memories of films I didn't like. Inspired by Natsukashi, and in an effort to purge these movies from my system once and for all, I've decided revisit some of the worst offenders. Many of these films have been lauded by others--will I find, upon repeat viewing, the movie has improved with time?

That's not actually possible. A film can age poorly, but I don't think it can improve any the longer it sits on the shelf. No, the variable in this experiment is me. Have my tastes changed? Have I become less picky or more demanding of horror? Am I still afraid of the things that scared me years ago or have I come to fear something else? And does Eli Roth still piss me off?

I will do my absolute best to keep an open mind as I re-watch some of my most hated films. No mean feat, since I take great cathartic pleasure in subjective criticism. Calling upon my latent powers of objective observation, I'll judge each movie against itself and rate its quality based on competence in filmmaking and storytelling.

And then I'll decide whether or not the movie's actually any good.

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